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            Learn More COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Now Open to Ages 5-11 Anishnawbe Health Toronto’s model of health re is rooted in Indigenous culture and traditions. We are the only facility in Toronto that res for Indigenous clients incorporating both western and traditional approaches. Welcome. Boozhoo. Become a Client Supporting Our Community During COVID-19 Our Mobile Health Unit is in the community daily providing primary re, COVID-19 testing and mental health support. View our Schedule

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            VIRTUAL EVENTS
            There are no upcoming events at this lotion to display at the time.
            There are no upcoming events at this lotion to display at the time.
            There are no upcoming events at this lotion to display at the time.
            RLTON STREET
            There are no upcoming events at this lotion to display at the time.

            WHAT’S NEW

            OUR PITAL MPAIGN


            Anishnawbe Health Toronto has purchased, for a nominal fee, 2.4 acres of land in the West Don lands (Block 10) from The Province of Ontario which will be the site of the new Indigenous Health Centre. This prominent site was part of the 2015 PanAm/ParaPanAm Games Athletes’ Village, and is adjacent to the thriving Distillery District, the new Cherry Streetr line and near the popular Corktown Common. The new Anishnawbe Health Toronto building will be the first project on the site of a new Indigenous Community Hub for the city at this lotion.

            Anishnawbe Health Foundation is mounting a mpaign to fund the building and to support programs at the new Centre.

            Learn more
            Wisdom Weavers

            Wisdom Weavers

            Storytelling & Traditional Teachings


            Join Anishnawbe Health Toronto for a series of storytelling presentations on enduring troubling times, surviving challenges, keeping families strong, and emerging stronger for it all.? Elders and Knowledge Holders from across Turtle Island will share their experiences as well as stories within their own cultures and Nations.


            Wisdom Weaver Presentation Title Presentation Date
            Diane Longboat “Tending to Spirit: Sharing Our Stories” ? January? 28, 2022
            Brenda Johnson “Our Responsibility to re for Our Elders During Difficult Times” March? 4,? 2022
            Dylan Courchene “Creation Stories: ?Identity and the 4 Individual Gifts Given by Creator” April 1,?? ? ?? 2022
            Pete Keshane “Relationships” May? 13,?? 2022
            Bob Goulais “How We Understand Our Creator and the First Creation Energy” June? 10,?? 2022
            Kevin Deer “Giving a Spiritual Inoculation” July? 8,? ? ? ?2022
            Wanbdi Wakita “Wholism as It Applies to the Way of Living” July 29,? ?? 2022
            Pahan Pte San Win “Stories from Lived Experience: Overcoming Adversaries

            & the Life Lessons that come from that.”

            August 26, 2022
            Avery Denny COVID-19 and the 102 Year Cycle: Similarities with the Spanish Flu of 1918 and Today. September 9, 2022
            to be confirmed October 7, 2022
            to be confirmed November 4, 2022
            to be confirmed December 2, 2022

            All are welcome to view the presentation starting at 12 noon EST on the dates above,

            on Anishnawbe Health Toronto’s Facebook page:? Facebook.com/Anishnawbe